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Show Number 28 (Because we get RESULTS!)

“Merry Whatthef#@kever”

Everything you always wanted to know about a donkey punch… and more!

Somebody Call a Bus!

Somebody Call a Bus!

In this eggnog-fueled episode, Wingo and Jovi have extra special gifts for all of your ears…in their pants! Topics discussed in this episode include Stabler and Benson, The Situation, keg stands and chocolate vodka. Rah rah rah rah rah…rah rah…rah…RAH! DUNT DUNT!

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*SPECIAL BONUS* – Download Jovi’s exclusive holiday tune picks from the show for your own enjoyment! A Very Jovi Xmas

And for your continuing education: (scroll down for video, um ‘goodness’)

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