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Building Blocks: – Part three of a three-part super-Rad DJ series

Building Blocks

An Exclusive ZuKeeper Music MEGA Mixtape

The infamous ZuKeeper drops the delicious chart-toppers on the citizens of the world with this EXCLUSIVE 5-block set of raging tune ecstasy featuring Spanish, French, LA local, Hip-Hop and, of course, METAL musics.

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The ZuKeeper fancies himself a designer.

The ZuKeeper fancies himself a designer.

  1. “1, 2, 3, 4”, Titan
  2. “Go”, Dusminguet
  3. “Lágrimas”, Pastilla
  4. “Me Gustas Tu”, Manu Chao
  5. “Nitty Gritty”, Marie Claire
  6. “Avec Les Orieilles”, Monique Thubert
  7. “C’est Ma Vie”, Stone
  8. “Hey O Daddy O”, Liz Brady
  9. “Fine Street (The Yellow Truck Song)”, Porterville
  10. “Checkered Shoes”, Midway
  11. “Retrofuturo”, Random Justice
  12. “Yayess”, Sick Water
  13. “Mario III”, 8-Bit
  14. “Can’t Break”, Atmosphere
  15. “Turning Lane”, Mike Jones
  16. “Fire It Up”, Busta Rhymes
  17. “2 Minutes To Midnight”, Iron Maiden
  18. “Fire Lances Of The Ancient Hyperzephyrians”, The Sword
  19. “Comet Song”, Dethklok
  20. “Dyers Eve”, Metallica

Full-on Double Rainbow: – Part two of a three-part super-Rad DJ series

Full-on Double Rainbow

An Exclusive Wingo Music MEGA Mixtape

Ultimate superDJ hero Wingo spins the platters that matter with this EXCLUSIVE high-protein megatronic wondermix spectacular, featuring the musics of No Age, Das Racist, Die Antwoord, Mike Phirman, Deerhunter, and many, many more….

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Drink it in, ladies.

Drink it in, ladies.

  1. “On My Own”, Ulrich Schnauss
  2. Weird “Acid” Song, (Don’t ask me)
  3. “Eraser”, No Age
  4. “$copie”, Die Antword
  5. “You Outghta Know”, Das Racist
  6. “Hera”, Gui Boratto
  7. “Funk Positive”, Paul White
  8. “Rhubarb”, Aphex Twin
  9. “Relative Ways”, …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
  10. “Caution Site”, Kelpe
  11. “Clear the Floor”, Mike Phirman
  12. “Quadrature”, Squarepusher
  13. “Nothing Ever Happened”, Deerhunter
  14. “Vogt Dig For Kloppervok”, The Books
  15. “Jump Up” (Thom Yorke remix), Major Lazer
  16. “Full-on Double Rainbow”, The Gregory Brothers
  17. “Learn to Speak Hawaiian” (Partial), Some Nutjob
  18. “Looks Just Like The Sun”, Broken Social Scene

SNAP INTO IT! – Part one of a three-part super-Rad DJ series


An Exclusive Jovi Music MEGA Mixtape

Your pal Jovi rocks cocks (and vaginas!) with this EXCLUSIVE superset of ass-wiggling joybombs featuring the musics of Boz Skaggs, Judas Priest, The Animals, Player, and much, much more!

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  1. “Brawling Broads”, Roy Ayers
  2. “Follow Us”, Big Boi feat. Vonnegutt
  3. “Get On The Floor”, Michael Jackson
  4. “Lowdown”, Boz Skaggs
  5. “Who Do You Think You Are”, Player
  6. “Care of Cell 44”, The Zombies
  7. “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows”, Leslie Gore
  8. “Beating Around The Bush”, AC/DC
  9. “House Of The Rising Sun”, The Animals
  10. “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming”, Judas Priest
  11. “Sinister Kid”, Black Keys
  12. “Gratitude”, Beastie Boys
  13. “Play The Game”, Queen
  14. “Let’s Go Get Stoned”, Ray Charles

Show Number 38 – How come everyone’s taking their shirts off?!



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“It’s so hot, you guys. Like SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAWT!! I THINK I’M GOING TO TAKE MY SHIRT OFF IT’S SO HOT. Wait, who am I kidding. Nobody wants to see that. Well maybe your mom, but she’s a slut. Anyhoo, it’s time for another Rad Dudes podcast. And this one, holy smokes, this one… I want to tell you how awesome it is but i don’t want to spoil the surprise. Let’s just say an intergalactic peanut farmer shows up and gives us the interview of a lifetime, Mel Gibson makes magic and we introduce the concept of beard math. Just roll with it, it’ll all make sense soon. Now, please do yourself a favor and try to be as cool as this dog right here.”

Cool Dog

If ONLY we were this cool.

    Episode music

  • “Summer Breeze”, Seals and Croft
  • “Stand Up and Shout”, Dio
  • “Teenage Enema Nurses In Bondage “, Killer Pussy
  • “Die Slow ” (Tobacco Rmx), Health
  • “Unyielding Conditioning”, Fishbone
  • “Bloodstains”, Agent Orange
  • “Malagar”, Kufu
  • “Abolish Government”, TSOL
  • “Straight Outta Compton”, NWA
  • “Rubber Biscuit”, The Chips


Oksana’s Music Video


Billionaire Boys Club

Ice Cube on Fallon Featuring The Roots