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Show Number 39 – Industry Standard

“The gayest show we’ve ever done.”

(or, “If you’re going to say it right, you’ve got to extend the right vowel.”)

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“Helllllloooooo! You look fabulous! Is that a new suit? Meeeeeow! In this fudge packed (too soon?) episode of TRDeez, there’s newness abound! New bits, new vibes and new haircuts…more than you could possibly imagine. Put on your finest dressed and prep your ear holes because Wingo and Jovi are coming in, raw dog style. Are you grossed out yet? Because I sure am.”

Support Your Local Artists

Support Your Local Artists

    Episode music

  • “Short People”, Randy Newman (Buy it on Amazon)
  • “Like An Eagle”, Dennis Parker
  • “Liquore & Whores”, Bubbles and the Shit Rockers
  • “”G-I-R-L Spells Trouble”, Ernest Tubb
  • “We’re All In The Same Gang”, West Coast Rap All-Stars
  • “Palm Grease”, Herbie Hancock (Buy it on Amazon)
  • “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do”, Robyn
  • “I Know What Boys Like”, The Waitresses

Jovi’s Dad:

Dennis Parker, “Like an Eagle”

West Coast Rap All-Stars, “We’re All In The Same Gang”

What Quentin Tarantino thinks about Top Gun