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Show 43 – I am NOT Donald Trump!

Or – Israeli guys are very serious.

Shall I bore you with Thanksgiving jokes…jokes about “stuffing” and “canned yams” and “tight ends” on the “football field”? Bad puns about pumpkin pie and pilgrims? Yet another cornucopia joke? Gravy. I think not.  How about you just strap your self in for another brand new Rad Dudes (this time with a NEW PRODUCER!) Just like the TSA, we’re gonna be all over you.

FYI - Jovi would totally bang the little person on the right.

FYI - Jovi would totally bang the little person on the right.

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Now please enjoy Nic Cage loosing his ever loving mind.

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Show 42 – BACKCLAM!

or: “You’re such a cynical bastard!”

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This is where we list the music we played:

Peter, Paul and Mary – Puff, The Magic Dragon

Chicken Monkey Duck – Mike Phirman

Capitalism – Oingo Boingo

Take Me I’m Yours – Squeeze

Training Montage (Rocky 4) – Vince DiCola

Around The Way Girl – LL Cool J