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Show 44 – HOLIDAY BLOWOUT (whatever that means)

or – “It’s kind of weird man. It’s like really chewy and really fishy,”


Screw peeing in the punchbowl or sticking my d in the mashed potatoes, I’ve done sullied the eggnog. Whatever you do DON’T EAT THE FRUITCAKE*. And another thing, you can take your white elephant gift and cram it! ‘Tis the season, ho ho ho and all that other holiday jibba jabba. It’s time for another episode of The Rad Dudes… but this one is has The Gift of the Magi (IN OUR PANTS). Unwrap your robe, throw a yule log on and climb right on Santa’s lap. Oh and bee tee dubs, the mistletoe over your crotch is a tired joke. Knock that shit off.

*The Rad Dudes do not condone tampering with anybodys snacks or holiday cheer.

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2011: The Year We Take Over

2011: The Year We Take Over

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