or “Speed Stick, Old Spice. Whatever you got.”

Holy crap, you guys! We’ve done fifty effing shows. And it only took us four years to get there! PROGRESS! MAKING MAGIC! ETC!! And this show, wow, it truly is the perfect storm. Eff George Clooney and all those digital waves! The only digital waves are the ones going right in your earholes. Grab a glass of white whine and allow the Rad Dudes to regal with you tales of being separated from their phones (for a full 12 hours you guys!) and other such first world problems. Today the boys discuss what is “good” 80’s music and “bad” 80’s music, the majesty of Dolly Parton and we’ve got Cmdt. Paul E. Wood in the house cooking us some delicious foodz. Yes, you should wrap that in bacon. In fact WRAP EVERYTHING IN BACON!! Doonlawd this new episode and thank us later. No, seriously. Thank us later. We <3 validation.

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An informative message from Master Chef Dr. Wood re: his delicious foods:

Dear Rad Dudes,

Here’s the recipe for the Orange Cornish Game Hens served up for the 50th episode.  The recipe is under development, but here’s what went down this particular time.

– whole cornish game hen(s)
– orange marmalade, trader joe’s variety works well
– one large orange (or oranges), depending on how many hens
– one pound bacon
– a fistful of rosemary sprigs
– at least one whole, peeled garlic clove per hen
– salt
– pepper
– strawberries
– Rainier cherries (this time), or other stuff: pineapple wedges, blackberries, mangos, whatever.

> Carve the peel off the orange(s) in longitudinal slices, about an eighth to a quarter inch wide.  Set aside about half, dice up the rest as finely as possible, ideally with an excessively large hunting knife.
> In a small bowl, squeeze the juice from the remaining orange(s), and mix in the diced peel with several large spoonfuls of orange marmalade.  Depending on how much raw orange juice you have, stir in the marmalade until it gets to approximately ‘pancake syrup’ consistency.
> Rinse off each cornish game hen, then salt and pepper to taste.
> Place two sprigs of rosemary, one (or more) whole clove(s) of garlic, and several spoonfuls of orange sauce into the interior (also known as the ‘bunghole’) of each hen.
> Coat the outside of each hen with orange sauce.
> Place 4 or 5 sliced wedges of orange peel side-to-side across each hen.
> Wrap each hen in bacon to cover as much of the surface as possible without excessive overlapping.  The idea is that the bacon wrapping prevents the surface of the bird from drying out while the interior cooks, aside from adding flavor.  Use common sense: feel free to cut bacon strips into halves or smaller pieces as necessary to cover the hen’s surface, and use toothpicks to hold bacon pieces in place where needed.  Again, avoid overlapping the bacon wrap as much as possible to ensure that the hens cook at a consistent rate.
> Coat outer bacon wrap with orange sauce.
> Preheat oven to 400 degrees, bake approximately 45 minutes.  There will be a lot of bacon fat dripping off of the hens as they bake, so I’d recommend using a rack inside a large pan, or whatever you can devise to allow the bacon grease, hen broth, and orange sauce to run off and be captured beneath.
> Allow to cool 2-3 minutes, baste with orange sauce.  In that 2-3 minutes, I’d recommend pouring off the aforementioned bacon grease with hen broth and spillover orange sauce to make gravy.
> Serve with ample side of strawberries, Ranier cherries, and a dipping bowl of the orange sauce, and/or gravy.

More exciting information on Cornish Game Hens and the storied history of their species can be found here:

– Paulyw00d

Our illustrious chef

Our illustrious chef ~1990