Show number 32 – To the Limit!


(We’ve been busy, not lazy.  SUCK IT, Trebeck!)

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Best Enjoyed on the Metro 720 Eastbound

Best Enjoyed on the Metro 720 Eastbound

Look, we get it. We haven’t recorded a show in a while and you’re sad. The Rad Dudes understand. We realize you need aural pleasure from Wingo and Jovi as much as possible, as much as we can give. And, let’s be frank, we’ve kind of dropped the ball. But we’ve been busy! Like for realzy. So, just for you guys, we sat down and turned on the mics. Minimal outline, minimal notes, just some tunes, cold beers and the super mega awesomeness that The Rad Dudes provide. And the ZuKeeper too (if you’re into that sort of thing.) You’re welcome. You can thank us later .

Wingo's passport photo, 1989

River Phoenix or Corey Haim??

RIP Corey Haim:

Trololo guy FTMFW!!!

aaaaand… SMASHMOUTH!!!


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Show Number 26… and counting!

“(Pride) In the Name of Rad (10/25/09)”

Pants are crapped, and Rocks are Bleeped…

Photo by Charlie Chu

Photo by Charlie Chu

Have you ever shit yourself by accident?  We know you have… The Dudes of Rad discuss this very important topic, and many more!

Also featuring the classic “Bleep v. Rock” segment, a new look at “Guilty Pleasures”, and an unprecedented LIVE REMOTE from the Rose Bowl, featuring none other than the great U2.

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Show Number 22 is in the house.

“Worlds Apart”

“What do I want, fucking Shakespeare and Kierkegaard with my summer blockbusters?”

Commander FuzzyPaws

All Hail The Commander

On this episode you actually get The Rad Dudes in (pseudo)stereo. That’s right, Wingo in one ear and Jovi in the other (Here we stand, worlds apart). We know, we know…disgusting yet aurally pleasing. In this episode, hear the boys discuss America, the merits of drinking a case of beer BEFORE attending a Dodgers game, air keyboarding, fake hookers and how to count to ten badly in Japanese. All this and then some, IN YOUR FACE.

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Show Number 21

“Death Becomes Rad”

Rad people are dying all over the fucking place!!


I loved cocaine!!

As Super-Producer Berson recovers from his bullet wounds, Wingo and Jovi take the reigns and ponder the tragic deaths of some of The USA’s greatest heroes/weirdos.

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