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Show Number 26… and counting!

“(Pride) In the Name of Rad (10/25/09)”

Pants are crapped, and Rocks are Bleeped…

Photo by Charlie Chu

Photo by Charlie Chu

Have you ever shit yourself by accident?  We know you have… The Dudes of Rad discuss this very important topic, and many more!

Also featuring the classic “Bleep v. Rock” segment, a new look at “Guilty Pleasures”, and an unprecedented LIVE REMOTE from the Rose Bowl, featuring none other than the great U2.

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Show Number Freaking 20!

The Rad Pool Party

A Special Broadcast from Rancho Relaxo

Jovi relaxes by the pool

Jovi relaxos by the pool

Assaulted by more bacon than they’ve ever seen, the rad dudes go completely nuts with special guests Scott, Chef Paul E. Wood, Rad Stylist Aimee, The Kowlaskis, and more… Hot grills and cold beers on a Rad sunny afternoon.

Download the audio super-duper-ness HERE.


See the fearless Paul E. Wood receive a BLINDFOLDED haircut from the Rad Dudes’ very own stylist!!

Exclusive Part 11: BACON F-ING MEATLOAF!!